Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fourth Class, July 19th Smoke and Fire

Our long wait is over. Tonight we are doing our first Raku firing! General Ginny is planning the event with the efficiency of a military campaign. We are shown the set up with the kiln the trash cans with combustibles and the water bucket. We are given our stations and duties. The kiln still needs time to get to the proper temperature. This gives us time to rip up news paper for the trash cans and fill up a large container with water. It's time to start people change into long sleeve shirts and pants, put on gloves. Unhappy with my feet. My job is to man the one of the trash cans. As the pots are taken out of the kiln they're put in the paper filled cans flames shoot up and we close back up the lids. If all of this wasn't enough fun, I have four of my pots in the firing. Luck is with me; they all turn out well. After the firing I have time to trim the pots I threw last week. I wasn't completely happy with the way their feet turned out, but I liked their overall shape.  I also altered two of the pieces; one I flattened into an oval, the other I bent the rim into waves.   

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