Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fifth Class, July 23, Glazing and More Glazing

It has to be done, and my opinion may change, but I find glazing less enjoyable than the building and throwing. This whole class, from beginning to end was glazing. Not the quick dunking and dripping of stone ware but slow careful painting. Each color has to be checked against the test pots we already fired. Those fired practice glazes reveal the true secret colors of each bucket and bottle. A Raku firing transforms each color into surprising results. We need to carefully check each test glaze, and thoughtfully plan each color combination if we expect to have positive results. Luckily one of the potters carefully painted and recorded many of the glazes, I less carefully tried a few more, and another student labeled each finished experiment with tape. This gave us good examples to pick from. By the end of the class I had 6 pots ready to be fired. That's 2 an hour; pretty slow.

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