Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Extra time, Monday August the 5th

I'm in this evening trying to throw a few more pots. I'm throwing more clay than usual and trying a variety of shapes. I may have bit off more then I can throw. A large bowl goes well but a tall vase gives me trouble. I think I've saved it but it looks off. I considered throwing two small bowls instead of another large piece. Against my better judgement I go for another large piece. I try to make a planter with an attached bowl. At first it goes well but as I fuss with it I start having trouble and decide I have it as good as I can get it. I cut it off the wheel and then realize what a big mistake I've made. I didn't throw it on a bat and the wide drain bowl makes it very difficult to slide off. As I try to slide it on to a board the bowl gets deformed. Once safely on the board I attempt to make the best of it and bend the bowl into a wave pattern. Over all things did not go as well as I would like and leave the Craft Center a little down.

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